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Motherflasking: $15.00 per pod for either green or dry seed. This is the process of spreading the sterile seed onto germination media.

Replating: $17 per flask. (Price includes the vessel) After germination plants are placed on a rooting media and spaced out to about 25 plants per flask. This process is called replating. These are the flasks you will receive. The minimum number of replate flasks is 5 per cross.

The motherflasking fee is billed after the seed is sown and is due upon receipt. The replate flasks are billed shortly before they are shipped out.

The whole process from sending the seed to flasks ready for you to grow out takes from one year to 18 months or longer.

As far as shipping, it is best to wrap the pod(s) or seeds individually in a coffee filter taped shut. Paper towel will work for this also. Do not wet the pods or use plastic bags because this holds in moisture and can cause bacterial or fungal growth to start. Here is a picture of properly wrapped pods.

Label the wrapped pods with a cross number for identification. We request that the code is in the format of three letters followed by a number in chronological order. For example ABC01, ABC02, ABC03... Many customers use their initials or business name initials for easy recognition. Please use this form when submitting pods or seed, or download this word file.

Then place the pod(s) and form in a small box and send them to:
Orchid Origins
2751 E. Hyde Rd.
St. Johns, MI 48879


Initiation: $20 per stem. Stem segments are sterilized and placed on stem prop media.

Final plants: $10 per plant. After initiation plantlets are placed on rooting media and grown to a size large enough to grow outside of flask. Minimum 5 plants per stem submitted.

Stems are best sent wrapped in plastic wrap. Do not wet the stems before wrapping as this can cause bacterial or fungal growth during shipping. Stems can be cut in half or more to allow for easier packaging. Do not cut at or near a node if possible. These nodes are what we use to make the stem props. Here is a picture of a properly wrapped stem. Stems should be sent in a sturdy box to prevent damage.


We accept check, money order, or PayPal to orchidorigins@gmail.com.

We cannot guarantee germination of seed or initiation of stem props. Because of the delicate nature of flasks contamination can happen at any time during the flasking process.

Prices are subject to change.

If you have any further questions please e-mail orchidorigins@gmail.com or call us at (989)224-6876.

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